Masters of VGM is BACK for 2024!

We’re back, and this year Bedroth joins forces together with Christofer “ChrisX” Schenström from the Podcast Gameable Audio.

We are going to update this homepage in the upcoming time, but for now, feel free to join Chris Discord server, the official location where we host this years event and share information.
Link to the server

New for this year in order to motivate more podcasts to join in, the winning composer of this years event will be sent a physical award.

/ Best regards
Bedroth & ChrisX

VGM Masters 2024

Masters of VGM is currently live during all of June, list is updated each Sunday!

Past Masters of VGM

MoVGM Master 2023

Due to issues we’re missing the data from this years VGM Masters.

MoVGM Master 2022

Masters of VGM Playlists

Masters of VGM 2022

  • [Ch2] Nerd Noise Game Club – C2E13: “Songs of the Unsung” [Masters of VGM]

    Today’s broadcast, for Theme Thursday, July 6th, 2023 is an episode of the Masters of VGM – season 2 ( and is a focus on music from unsung and undersung composers – on an episode we’re calling “Songs of the Unsung”.

  • RE-VGM – Episode 77: Up and Coming (Masters of VGM)

    June is not over yet, which the means one more episode for Masters of VGM.

    While the latest four episodes featured lesser-known composers, this week’s episode will focus on four composers that are up and coming in the last 10 years. They are: The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, Ferdk, Jacob Shrum, and insaneintherainmusic. We’ll be playing original tracks from video games that these remix and cover musicians have composed and produced. Most of them are from their first video game soundtrack, making this an extra special episode.

    Enjoy them and perhaps consider checking out their video games where they are available to play.

  • Nerd Noise Radio – Channel F: ”Highlights from’Stray’” [Masters of VGM]

    Today’s Channel F (which in the parlance of Nerd Noise Radio are “bonuses and betas” episodes) features highlights from the soundtrack to Stray, for multiple platforms, composed by Yann Van der Cruyssen, also known as Morusque. This program will follow the standard format of neither a Ch 1 nor a Ch 2. I hope you enjoy the unique journey for NNR!

  • VGMporium: Video Game Music & More! – Episode 79: Masters of VGM Year 2 Part IIVGMporium: Video Game Music & More! –

    Welcome back for part 2 of Masters of VGM Year 2! This time I’ll be playing for you Originals from these four Composers. Less talk, more music!

  • Shujin Academy VGM Club – Episode 32 – Masters of VGM 2023:Tough Girls, Stiff Drinks, Coffee Cups, Bibles

    It’s June, and that means Masters of VGM! Our 2023 theme is “Unsung and Up-and-Coming”, and I’m honoring six composers in this episode that are making great VGM, even if they’re not household names yet. Listen to learn about honorees Ben Prunty, Megan McDuffee, Garoad, Andrew Jeremy, Hiroyuki Yanada, and Victoria Dominowski. 

    Special thanks for this episode goes out to:

    • Fellow VGM podcaster Jameson of barSILENCE podcast for contributing cover art. You can and should find barSILENCE wherever you download podcasts, and check out his website at 
    • BokiBokiPixelArt for the show logo. You can find him on Twitter @BokiPixelart. 
  • BGMania: A Video Game Music Podcast – Masters of VGM: Round 2 – Unsung & UpcomingBGMania: A Video Game Music Podcast –

    Episode #292 of BGMania: A Video Game Music Podcast. This week on the show, Bryan and Bedroth from RPGera welcome in friend of the show and previous guest on Very Good Music, Jeff, to partake in Round 2 of Masters of VGM! This year, the guys focus on unsung and upcoming composers in the industry. Email the show at with requests for upcoming episodes, questions, feedback, comments, concerns, or whatever you want! Special thanks to our Executive Producers: Jexak & Xancu.

  • Pixelated Audio – Masters of VGM 2 – PA180

    Pixelated Audio is back for the second annual Masters of VGM (@MastersofVGM), an event every June where podcasts come together to highlight some game music composers, either personal favorites or some that deserve a bit more attention. The event was created by bedroth, host of Very Good Music and BGMania podcasts. Check out some of the other participating shows in Masters of VGM and see what people are up to, or discover some new VGM podcast favorites!

    We picked a selection of 8 more VGM Masters, all of them amazing women composers, covering a mix of music from the 80s to today.

  • AudioPanicRoom – Episode #54: MUSE

    A contribution to Masters of VGM, this episode showcases MUSE, a sound unit headed by Akira Sato which composed and arranged music for visual novels back in the 90s. Their work appeared almost exclusively on computers like the PC-98 series or the X60000 and is an excellent example of the FM-sound typically associated with these machines. Included are also a few tracks by Akiragumi, another sound team which Akira Sato was a member of.

  • Gameable Audio #012 – Masters Of VGM 2023

    We’re in that specific month where all the Video game music podcasts talk about one specific theme, and this year is not any different, we are back with the theme of Masters Of VGM 2023 and this time we are talking about the unsung and up-and-coming composers, Chris have picked 3 amazing tracks from 3 different composers, interesting twist, Chris have talked about all three composers previously.

    Welcome to this weeks episode of Gameable Audio Podcast.

  • VGM Origins – 1×02 Masters of VGM (Grant Kirkhope and Tee Lopes) with Shootkapow

    It’s June. So that means its time for the second Masters of VGM event. This years Masters of VGM is centered on those who are unsung or up and coming VGM composers. So for the up and coming I have brought tracks from none other then Tee Lopes. For the unsung, the first person who came to mind was Grant Kirkope. And who better then to pick tracks and talk to about Mr. Kirkope then Shootkapow, formally of Very Good Music VGM podcast. We talk about the compser’s, the games their tracks are in, pokemon, life after graduation, games we are currently playing, pokemon, snacks, and….more pokemon (we talk about a lot of pokemon lol).

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