Podcast information

Want to join in on this years podcast event of Masters of VGM?
Below we’ll include a need-to-know basis!

This years theme:
Female, Trans and Genderqueer composers

Ruleset to frame your Podcast episode:

  • Follow the Theme of the year.
  • Select up to 4 unique composers.
  • Follow your show’s format on amount of tracks.

Deadline for the release:
1st up until 30th of June.
(You may release after June, but these releases will NOT be counted towards the votes)

After episode is done and published, fill in the Masters of VGM form, that way we’ll be able to follow and calculate votes accordingly.

Link to the Masters of VGM form

After that is done you are set on your end, thank you for participating and we hope to make 2024 a year to remember for the amazing composers!