Which composers will join the pantheon of legends known as the Masters of VGM? In June 2022, come join your favorite video game music podcasts (and maybe discover a few new ones), as we determine who is fit to stand among these titans.

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In the final episode of the #mastersofvgm event, we get to hear friend of the show Prof Jeff's picks! https://anchor.fm/vgmvgm/episodes/Episode-72-3-ProfJeffs-Masters-of-VGM-e1mcv5e

finally got around to listening to @TheVGMbassy episode for #MastersofVGM and it did not disappoint! That Tim Follin track was sick!

Here's Part 2 of VGMVGM's #MastersofVGM - well, part 1 of Part 2 😅 At 3.5 hours long the final cut was conveniently splittable into three parts, so you'll be getting thrice the fun this week! Here ProfJeff joins me to discuss my MoVGM honorable mentions.


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