Which composers will join the pantheon of legends known as the Masters of VGM? In June 2022, come join your favorite video game music podcasts (and maybe discover a few new ones), as we determine who is fit to stand among these titans.

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Here's Part 2 of VGMVGM's #MastersofVGM - well, part 1 of Part 2 😅 At 3.5 hours long the final cut was conveniently splittable into three parts, so you'll be getting thrice the fun this week! Here ProfJeff joins me to discuss my MoVGM honorable mentions.


Part 1 of the #mastersofvgm recap is now live! Go check it out and let us know what you think, and get ready for Part 2 later this week! Thanks again to all the amazing shows who participated and to all the VGM Masters for making such great music!


Other than the recap, all #MastersofVGM episodes are live. Go check them out at http://mastersofvgm.com! Thanks to all who participated. Here is the final version of our chart ranking how often each composer was featured on a show. Congratulations to our #1, @yuzokoshiro!!!

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