Which composers will join the pantheon of legends known as the Masters of VGM? In June 2022, come join your favorite video game music podcasts (and maybe discover a few new ones), as we determine who is fit to stand among these titans.

So my next episode has been delayed due to availability of a voice talent, but I did spend today getting work done on the two episodes after that. I may get 3/4 of #MastersofVGM out in June . . . maybe.

Episode 3.2 is out now!

➡️ https://barsilence.com/episode/5bbfa7a5/masters-of-vgm-part-2

This episode covers my second pair of Masters, @AkiraYamaoka and @shinji_hosoe

We're celebrating the @MastersofVGM with 20+ VGM Podcasts. So tune in and check it out!

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Who are some of the greatest #VGM composers out there? We answer that very question! Mike and Justin join up with the @MastersofVGM #MastersofVGM podcast crossover celebration as we pick favorites like @David_Wise @UematsuNobuo @yuzokoshiro and more! https://xvgmradio.com/episode-91-masters-of-vgm/

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  • Re-VGM

    And now, the final composer for “The Masters of VGM”. While she has only done one video game soundtrack, Cœur de Pirate (stage name for Beatrice Martin) has the receipts for her incredible work on the game. Playing piano at the age of three, she studied for several years at a conservatory, played in a band as a keyboardist, and released a debut album that would gain notoriety thanks to a viral video. After working on a collaboration with several different musicians, directing her first music video, and composing her second album, she was approached by Ubisoft Montreal to compose for their upcoming video game ‘Child of Light’.

    While I could talk ad nauseam about her work, I believe her songs will speak for themselves when you have a listen. So, enjoy this final episode of “The Masters of VGM” and many thanks for listening and subscribing to this podcast.



    Welcome back! This month barSILENCE is celebrating the Masters of VGM podcasting event with the episode in the series. We’re going to listen to the enduring and memorable music of Akira Yamaoka and Shinji Hosoe.


  • XVGM Radio


    If you had to pick four legendary composers that best represents you…as well as all of video game music, who would you pick? Well, that’s the question that our pal Bedroth from VGMVGM (Very Good Music Video Game Music) Podcast asked the community of VGM podcasters…and we broke the rules and picked a bonus one, because we’re rule breakers. Yeah, that’s right. Your boys from XVGM Radio are here to break down all the barriers. All jokes aside though, Mike and Justin pick their heaviest of hitters in their VGM opinions. From discussions on the impressive echo of Iku Mizutani’s NES bangers, to the sentimental tears Justin shed over Final Fantasy 9’s ending, XVGM Radio takes you through some of their favorite composers and the tracks they feel best represent them. Get ready to climb VGM mountain and see the masters of video game music!

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    It’s a very special Super Sound Boy, with his very own selections for VGM Masters!

  • A VGM Journey Level 102: Masters of VGM Honorable Mentions

    Spanning the many decades of Video Game Music. The Messenger will share music from the 8 Bit Era to today of bite sized episodes with amazing Video Game Music. In this episode, he features his honorable mentions for the Masters of VGM.

  • Re-VGM

    Now we shall talk about one of the more famous and familiar composers among the VGM community and perhaps outside: Yoko Shimomura.

    She is best known for her compositions of the Kingdom Hearts series, but that required working on many titles beforehand. This week’s episode, we’ll go through her career, listening to several tracks from long list of her works, starting with Street Fighter II, going through several games in the JRPG genre, and then working on another fighting franchise. As usual, each of her original tracks will have a cover or remix paying tribute.

    Now, grab a nice, tall glass of your favorite drink and enjoy these tracks in Part Three of “The Masters of VGM”.


  • VGMPorium: Video Game Music & More! Episode 23: Masters of VGM – Honorable Mentions

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  • 53 – Masters of VGM (Top 4) with Donnie Smalls [Part 2 of 2]

    Voltz brings forth a selection of tracks to prove that his top four composers are worthy of the title “Masters Of VGM”
    Masters 2 and 1!!!!!

  • WaveBack Episode 152: Masters of VGM Vol. 2

    Matt and Kris join up with various other podcasters for Masters of VGM, a month-long celebration of the very best in video game music composers. This week’s episode is all about Matt’s picks. Enjoy!

  • Pixel Beat [078] Masters of VGM – Redux

    I had an extremely hard time choosing only four composers for the last episode, so I’m doing a whole honourable mentions follow up. Another four composers which are extremely synonymous with the art form. For this episode, I’ll be showcasing the music from Yuzo Koshiro, Yoko Shimomura, Noriyuki Iwadare and Shoji Meguro. 


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