Masters of VGM is BACK for 2023! Many of your favorite video game music podcasts are returning, this time to celebrate composers who we feel might have missed out last year because they were either too new or not well-known enough to be immediately considered “masters” of the craft. However, as we hope to showcase this year, many of them are truly gifted in spite of their up-and-coming status, or are simply unsung heroes of VGM composition.

So please join us once again in June (give or take a couple weeks) 2023 as we collectively celebrate the Masters of VGM: Unsung and Up-and-Coming composers who have provided us with the music we all love!

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In the final episode of the #mastersofvgm event, we get to hear friend of the show Prof Jeff’s picks!

finally got around to listening to @TheVGMbassy episode for #MastersofVGM and it did not disappoint! That Tim Follin track was sick!

Here’s Part 2 of VGMVGM’s #MastersofVGM – well, part 1 of Part 2 😅 At 3.5 hours long the final cut was conveniently splittable into three parts, so you’ll be getting thrice the fun this week! Here ProfJeff joins me to discuss my MoVGM honorable mentions.

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  • VGMPorium: Video Game Music & More! Episode 23: Masters of VGM – Honorable Mentions

    The Masters of VGM continues! Here are some of my honorable mentions, a bit more fun and relaxed this time!

  • 53 – Masters of VGM (Top 4) with Donnie Smalls [Part 2 of 2]

    Voltz brings forth a selection of tracks to prove that his top four composers are worthy of the title “Masters Of VGM”
    Masters 2 and 1!!!!!

  • WaveBack Episode 152: Masters of VGM Vol. 2

    Matt and Kris join up with various other podcasters for Masters of VGM, a month-long celebration of the very best in video game music composers. This week’s episode is all about Matt’s picks. Enjoy!

  • Pixel Beat [078] Masters of VGM – Redux

    I had an extremely hard time choosing only four composers for the last episode, so I’m doing a whole honourable mentions follow up. Another four composers which are extremely synonymous with the art form. For this episode, I’ll be showcasing the music from Yuzo Koshiro, Yoko Shimomura, Noriyuki Iwadare and Shoji Meguro.

  • A VGM Journey Level 101: Masters of VGM

    Spanning the many decades of Video Game Music. The Messenger will share music from the 8 Bit Era to today of bite sized episodes with amazing Video Game Music
  • VGMPorium: Video Game Music & More! Episode 22: Masters of VGM

    Welcome to the Grand, multi podcast Event that is “The Masters of VGM”! I have chosen 4 Composers, all of whom I have played music from previously, I feel deserve the title. Gonna be a lot of music, 3 songs each with a couple lil’ surprises, with some history and fun facts on em’ all!

  • Re-VGM

    Welcome to Part Two of “The Masters of VGM”.

    This week’s episode will be about a composer who’s likely to be more famous for his work on another medium besides video games: Hiroyuki Sawano. If you’ve been watching lots of anime, you probably have several shows on your list that you have watched, are watching, or have yet to watch: Seraph of the End, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096, Attack on Titan, Seven Deadly Sins, etc. Most likely, you may have found the opening and/or ending songs to be catchy yet artistic.

    It’s the same case with any video game for which he’s composed the soundtrack. Dramatic, artistic, and yet catchy, his compositions are sure to help make the game memorable for certain cut scenes or boss fights. For some, it may surprise them that, while Hiroyuki Sawano has a long list of credit within anime, he definitely has the chops to create a banger of a soundtrack for a video game.

    Now, let’s sit back and bask in the aural glory that is Hiroyuki Sawano.

  • 52 – Masters of VGM (Top 4) with Donnie Smalls [Part 1 of 2]

    Voltz brings forth a selection of tracks to prove that his top four composers are worthy of the title “Masters Of VGM”

    This is master 4 and 3… Master 2 and 1, coming soon!!!

  • VGM Fight Club Fighters Lounge: Masters Of VGM Edition (Yuzo Koshiro)

    The Podcast crossover event of the summer crashes into the VGM Fight Club ring. Todays Fighters Lounge focuses on the one and only Yuzo Koshiro. A full 26 tracks of his music will be played on today’s episode as I give a brief history on this legendary composer’s career. All these tracks are bangers with a few being near and dear to not only my heart but those around the world. Thus proving why this man is a Master of VGM!!!!!

  • Finally game music #157 – Masters Of VGM

    The podcast is back with another filler episode of Finally game music, this time we’re joining the event called ”The Masters of VGM”, and for this one Chris have selected three of his favorite composers from West to East, Glenn Stafford, Jesper Kyd and Nobou Oematsu.
    We listen to both old and new and what does Chris have to add inbetween?

    Welcome to yet another episode of Finally game music!

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