Masters of VGM is BACK for 2024!

We’re back, and this year Bedroth joins forces together with Christofer “ChrisX” Schenström from the Podcast Gameable Audio.

We are going to update this homepage in the upcoming time, but for now, feel free to join Chris Discord server, the official location where we host this years event and share information.
Link to the server

New for this year in order to motivate more podcasts to join in, the winning composer of this years event will be sent a physical award.

/ Best regards
Bedroth & ChrisX

VGM Masters 2024

Masters of VGM is currently live during all of June, list is updated each Sunday!

Past Masters of VGM

MoVGM Master 2023

Due to issues we’re missing the data from this years VGM Masters.

MoVGM Master 2022

Masters of VGM Playlists

Masters of VGM 2022

  • CRT Soundsystem – 021 – Alberto Jose Gonzalez – Masters of VGM 2023

    Join me and Reese again this week as we get mad at Turok and weird European goblins and listen to some bangers from

    @alberto_mcalby for the final episode of this year’s


  • Re-VGM – Episode 76: Chikayo Fukuda (Masters of VGM)

    Here we are, Week 4 of Masters of VGM.

    This week’s composer is Chikayo Fukuda, known for the .hack series that is developed by CyberConnect2. In addition, she also composed for other video games series, such as Naruto, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, and Fuga: Melodies of Steel. She writes music with a certain level of elegance; some of the fights, despite being chaotic and random, are rendered calm and soothing.

    For this episode, we’ll be playing tracks from three games from .hack series: INFECTION, G.U., and LINK. Each track will also be followed by a cover and remix.

    I hope you’ve been enjoying these and other episodes of Masters of VGM. Also be sure to check the website for other podcasts that participating.

  • VGMPorium: Video Game Music & More! – Episode 78: Master of VGM (Year 2)

    It’s hard to believe but here we are at the 2nd year of Masters of VGM! This time around the focus is on the underappreciated and up and coming composers. Today you’ll be hearing works from Hikoshi Hashimoto (HIKO), Max Coburn (Maxo), Takehiro Yonemura (CHEMOOL) and Stefan Moser (Effoharkay/eff)

  • A VGM Journey – Level 130: Masters of VGM II

    On this episode of the show. The VGM Podcasting community event @MastersofVGM returns and this time focusing on composers that I consider underrated. Featuring the music of Ichiro Shimakura, Laura Shigihara, Hidenori Shoji and Danny Baranowsky.

  • CRT Soundsystem – 020 – MVGM03 – Hitoshi Sakimoto

    I’m joined by @bashfulinternet this week for Episode 3 of @MastersofVGM to talk about some deep cuts from Hitoshi Sakimoto.

  • Re-VGM – Episode 75: Keiichi Suzuki (Masters of VGM)

    Two composers done, and two left to go, for Masters of VGM.

    This week, we’re taking a dive into the Mother series (Earthbound outside of Japan) and featuring Keiichi Suzuki, the composer for the series who worked with Hirokazu Tanaka (aka “Chip Tanaka” or “Hip Tanaka”. Suzuki is purely a musician, having been in several bands and releasing albums with Moonriders and The Beatniks (with Yukihiro Takahashi of Yellow Magic Orchestra), but he was helped by Tanaka-san’s programming ability, translating notes into bits and bytes. While the series itself is very much niche, the tracks are memorable for those who played it; even one of the tracks popped up in certain memes.

    Hope you’re enjoying this and other episodes during the month of June. Also be sure to check out other podcasts participating in the event at their website.

    Keiichi Suzuki – 1997 Composer Interview

    “MOTHER/EARTHBOUND Composer Keiichi Suzuki Listens to his Original Demo Tape of ‘Eight Melodies’”


    It’s June, and that means it’s Masters of VGM month! This year, the focus across all of the participating VGM podcasts is to shine a spotlight on composers that we feel don’t get enough attention in the media.

    We’ve invited longtime contributor and friend @The Diad to highlight four of his favorite underrated game music maestros, and Ed has shared in kind. Tune in to catch up on some great tunes you may not have heard before!

    NOTE: Due to a microphone failure, there is a slight change in quality in Ed’s voice for the last few segments of the show.

    To check out all of the Masters of VGM content, follow @MastersOfVGM on Twitter or search for the #mastersofvgm hashtag, or head over to for links to all of the amazing shows.

  • CRT Soundsystem 019 – Manami Matsumae – Masters of VGM 2023

    Episode 2 of @MastersofVGM 2023 is gonna be about Manami Matsumae, an episode long in the making about one of the most foundational composers to the entire artform

  • Re-VGM – Episode 74: Keita Haga (Masters of VGM)

    Welcome to the 2nd episode of Masters of VGM. This week’s spotlight is on Keita Haga.

    Keita Haga is known widely for his work on the Fate series. The series encompasses all media related to Fate: manga, anime, and video games. Haga-san has composed music for the popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order, along with several games on the console and arcade. However, it’s not just games with the word “Fate” in it. He’s also composed music for the Melty Blood series and the Tsukihime series.

    Have a listen as we play tracks from several video games, going back to the Sega Saturn game “Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon”. Hope you’re enjoying these and other fine episodes from participating podcasts of Masters of VGM.

  • CRT Soundsystem 018 – Richard Jacques – Masters of VGM 2023

    We’re going weekly for June to participate in

    @MastersofVGM and starting off talking about one of my favourite underrated composers Richard Jacques

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