Shujin Academy VGM Club – Episode 32 – Masters of VGM 2023:Tough Girls, Stiff Drinks, Coffee Cups, Bibles

It’s June, and that means Masters of VGM! Our 2023 theme is “Unsung and Up-and-Coming”, and I’m honoring six composers in this episode that are making great VGM, even if they’re not household names yet. Listen to learn about honorees Ben Prunty, Megan McDuffee, Garoad, Andrew Jeremy, Hiroyuki Yanada, and Victoria Dominowski. 

Special thanks for this episode goes out to:

  • Fellow VGM podcaster Jameson of barSILENCE podcast for contributing cover art. You can and should find barSILENCE wherever you download podcasts, and check out his website at 
  • BokiBokiPixelArt for the show logo. You can find him on Twitter @BokiPixelart. 

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