Author: chrisx

  • Conclusion of Masters of VGM 2024 – The result

    The hosts of this years event Christofer “ChrisX” Schenström and Bedroth want to thank all SEVEN amazing podcasts that helped us cover this years event, we hope that you listeners enjoyed all the music and picks that were made, did you feel someone was missing? did you find a new composer that you liked? With…

  • Nerd Noise Radio – MoVGM The Celeste Soundtrack

    Our last entry of this years event is none other than Nerd Noise Radio, and in their episode they talk about the amazing talented composer Lena Raine. You are welcome to listen to St.Johns soothing voice as he talk about the game Celeste and the emotions behind the music mixing it up with a lot…

  • Pixelated Audio – MofVGM3

    Pixelated Audio does something remarkable on this years theme, selecting Women of Capcom, listento both Brian and Gene as they talk and dissects the music by these amazing female talents. Enjoy multiple tracks from games we all know and love, you can find and listen to the episode here

  • A VGM Journey – Level 148!

    A VGM Journey and the host “The Messenger” returns to us all with his choices for this years Masters of VGM. handpicking four amazing talents on this years theme. Showcasing the composers width with multiple tracks from each, this 54 minute episode is a blast to listen to, you all find it here

  • Shujin Academy VGM Club – MoVGM 2024

    Returning this year for more is none other than the Shujin Academy VGM club with its host Professor Tom, he shares a cascade of composers in this years Masters of VGM, with that we’re also getting a whole lot of tracks to enjoy. Picks such as Michiru Yamane, Yumi Satake, Manami Matsumae and more. Give…

  • Bring the Pain – MoVGM 2024

    The VGM Podcast “Bring the Pain” is a wildcard in the community and this year they decided to join in on the event, it’s an absolute blast of an episode and highly recommended, join in as HeatOveride blast his enthusiasm for VGM! Their pick of the year is none other than the legend Michiru Yamane.…

  • GameGrooves – G-Sides

    GameGrooves returns this year with another charity album and their message follows: “​Return to Celeste Mountain for an incredible journey of reflection, discovery, and acceptance. Eight nerdcore artists share their unique perspectives on gender, identity, and mental health, while exploring the themes found within the iconic Celeste soundtrack by Lena Raine. All proceeds benefit The…

  • VGMporium – MoVGM year 3

    An amazing episode lifting up three composers that have made their mark on Video game music both old and new, VGMporium reveals width with their choices of both composers and music. Listen to their episode straight at their homepage

  • Gameable Audio

    First episode released during June for this years edition of Masters of VGM were Gameable Audio, an interesting episode filled with four amazing composers on this years topic. Find the Episode through their fanlink page