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  • Nerd Noise Radio – Nerd Noise Game Club: C2E8 – “Our Four Favorites” (Masters of VGM series)

    Today’s Broadcast is C2E8 for Theme Thursday, June 30th, 2022. Today’s episode will be Nerd Noise Radio’s contribution to the greater VGM podcast scene massive group project “Masters of VGM” ( and like all “MoVGM” episodes from all the participating podcasts, will be a focus on our four favorite composers (with a surprise “East meets…

  • Shujin Academy VGM Club Episode 14 – Masters of VGM II – Primary Colors (Shoji Meguro)

    All your favorite VGM podcasters are doing a series called “Masters of VGM”, where we do episodes devoted to our favorite video game composers. For my second entry into this series, we’ll listen to the greatest hits of Shoji Meguro. This episode also serves as a de facto mixtape for the Persona games, since Meguro…

  • BGMania: A Video Game Music Podcast Episode #240 “Mount Rushmore of Composers (#MastersofVGM)”

    This week on the show, Bryan and Bedroth from RPGera and special guest Shootkapow from Very Good Music finally present their contribution to the #MastersofVGM community event that has been taking place during the month of June 2022! Who made the cut? Listen and find out!

  • Rhythm & Pixels R&P Presents: Masters of VGM

    Part of a multi-podcast event, The Masters of VGM is a way for us to celebrate the composers that have made an impact on the video game industry, and on ourselves! Rob and Pernell each chose 4 composers to represent The Masters, and 2 pieces of music that show why we call them: The Masters!


    June is Masters of VGM month for Game Music Podcasts worldwide! Ed joins a cavalcade of likeminded podcasters and shares music from his top 4 composers of all time. Think you can guess who they are without looking?

  • WART Radio: Top 4 Video Game Composers

    This episode of WART Radio champions the top 4 Video Game Music Composers! Thanks for having us, Masters of VGM! Also support WART Radio and get bonus episodes at:

  • Re-VGM

    And now, the final composer for “The Masters of VGM”. While she has only done one video game soundtrack, Cœur de Pirate (stage name for Beatrice Martin) has the receipts for her incredible work on the game. Playing piano at the age of three, she studied for several years at a conservatory, played in a…


    Welcome back! This month barSILENCE is celebrating the Masters of VGM podcasting event with the episode in the series. We’re going to listen to the enduring and memorable music of Akira Yamaoka and Shinji Hosoe.

  • XVGM Radio

    If you had to pick four legendary composers that best represents you…as well as all of video game music, who would you pick? Well, that’s the question that our pal Bedroth from VGMVGM (Very Good Music Video Game Music) Podcast asked the community of VGM podcasters…and we broke the rules and picked a bonus one,…

  • MASTERS OF VGM PRESENTS: Super Sound Boy (Episode 16)

    It’s a very special Super Sound Boy, with his very own selections for VGM Masters!